We are a Minecraft server with a collaborative board of directors. It consists of four people; Duffman, Ducky and Boycey. We also encourage users to give feedback in the forums

We believe in -

  • Encouraging new players
  • Helping people
  • A team of helpful staff
  • A server that is revolved around the players 
  • And above all... FUN!
Right now we are brand new! That means we will need full co-operation from our players, people applying for moderator and patience.

And with a new server comes costs. We would really appreciate donations although it isn't compulsory but if you buy a rank, you'll get special abilities and privileges.

And remember - although we had fun creating the name of this server, we believe in a very happy playing enviroment and will not tolerate - griefing, swearing, racism, sexism or any other 'ism' or insults.

Remember if you are looking for anything it is most likely to be in the forums :D


Vote here:


Thank you for reading,